5 Steps to Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

You are so excited, ready to forge ahead with an exciting new kitchen remodel, and now…suddenly it’s all so overwhelming. We get it! Without a solid understanding of product options, pricing, and kitchen design trends, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

That’s why we put together the helpful 5-Step Kitchen Remodeling Guide below. It’s a helpful resource for you first-timers and a refresher course for those who are re-designing their kitchens once again.

Make a List

The first thing you want to do is make a list of everything you Need and Want. Go through and circle the Needs, and number them by priority. Do the same thing for the Wants. This is a handy tool to bring with you as you begin to discuss your project with an interior designer, the Kitchen Magic Experts, and contractor(s). We can help align your list with your budget, which brings us to Number 2.

Know Your Budget

This is critical. When we say know your budget, we mean know your budget…and stick to it. Always allow 10-15% extra for your Mystery Expenses. You never know what “issues” may turn up in the middle of your remodel. (If you don’t need it, you can use it for a weekend getaway to recover from the remodel). Of course, at Kitchen Magic we always honor the price we quote for our part of your kitchen remodeling.With the wide range of fixtures and finishing options these days, you’re guaranteed to get a kitchen you love at a price you can afford.

What’s Your Style?

The best kitchen designs fall into one of three categories: Modern, Traditional, or Transitional. What’s your style?

Modern: Clean lines, angles and edges, and an overall cool aesthetic. Think stainless steel, streamlined cabinets, and minimal countertop accoutrements. Traditional: You like a cozy kitchen that reminds everyone of “home”. It’s hard for you to purchase anything that isn’t natural wood, and you appreciate curves as much – or more than – angles.

Transitional: You like a little of both. Your gourmet kitchen has top-of-the line stainless steel appliances and a natural stone countertop, but it also provides an warm, inviting ambiance.

Pick Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your style will lead you to the ideal kitchen cabinet choice, in terms of door style, finish and/or color.

Custom Cabinetry: If you are completely gutting your kitchen, ask us about our custom cabinetry. You can work with us to design the cabinets of your dreams.

Cabinet Refacing: If you’re content with your current cabinet layout but want to update the design, cabinet refacing is the perfect option. Not only is it eco-friendly, refacing can save you thousands of dollars. You can still repurpose cabinet space(s) and/or integrate high-end hinges and closers.

Choose Your Countertops

Your kitchen countertop selection is critical. Counters reflect your values, kitchen use, and – of course – style. Here are suggestions based on general preferences.

Eco-friendly: Quartz and Corian countertops use post-consumer recycled products, low-toxicity synthetic materials, and are ultra-durable. They’re also low-maintenance.

Luxury: In addition to Quartz and Corian, Granite countertops are still considered a top-shelf countertop finish with countless colors and patterns to choose from. Make sure to seal granite surfaces annually to preserve their natural beauty.

Budget: Laminate surfaces have come a long way in the past 15 years. Ask to see samples which closely mimic natural stone and Corian counters.


Once you have the above five items in order, your decisions regarding flooring, backsplashes, and other design options will fall easily into place. And as always, you can conveniently schedule an appointment online for a free consultation. We love to help transform our customers’ kitchens into magazine-worthy interior designs.


Whether you’re cooking, spending time with family, or simply eating breakfast at the counter before work, you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. In fact, a recent study by Houzz found that, on average, people spend 2-3 hours a day in their kitchens. With that much time spent in the kitchen, you deserve to transform it into a room you love!

If you’re wondering how you can design a kitchen that’s perfect for you and your family, here are six kitchen remodeling trends to try in 2016.

Living Space

One of the overarching trends this year is that the kitchen is becoming more than just a space for cooking. Open plans and technology integration are making kitchens more of a destination room than ever. No longer a separate room, kitchens are merging with family rooms to become the hub of the house.

Many people now watch TV in their kitchens, which means that furniture in or near the kitchen – if the room is open-plan – is a must. Keeping the kitchen space open and integrated with the rest of the house also makes entertaining easy, allowing guests and family members to move about freely without crowding the kitchen.

Our good friends, Hatfield Builders and Remodelers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have an amazing kitchen portfolio if you are looking for additional design ideas.

Minimalist Style

This year, many people are opting for a clean, minimalist kitchen style. Not only does a minimalist style keep the room looking clean, but it also makes your kitchen easy to navigate. As part of a minimalist style, stainless steel appliances, durable granite or quartz countertops, and furniture with simple lines are all fashionable – and practical – choices.

Need more ideas? Check out “3 Unique Kitchen Remodeling Projects in Downers Grove” for pictures and ideas.

Creative Storage Options

In line with a minimalist style, creative storage options are becoming more popular than ever. Extra cupboards, drawers, and pull-out shelves are all excellent ways to store kitchen necessities without sacrificing a minimalist aesthetic. Charging and storage stations for electronic devices are also becoming a kitchen staple.

Soft Colors

Expect to see subtle color palates in kitchens this year. Whites and off-whites are becoming popular, along with subtle color pairings in pinks, neutrals, or cool tones. Soft colors add brightness and a sense of cleanliness to the kitchen, and can make the space look larger. To add interest to your color scheme, try experimenting with subtle textures and patterns. This can help you add depth to the kitchen.

Wood Floors

Although hardwood floors are trending this year for kitchen remodeling projects, wood floors are truly a classic style. Aside from being beautiful and easy to clean, wood floors are a great way to add a feeling of warmth to the kitchen. This can be especially important if you’re using a muted color palate but don’t want the kitchen to end up looking clinical or bland. Keep in mind that if you have small children or pets, you’ll want to be sure to choose a wood that won’t scratch easily. Check an article we wrote: Hardwood Flooring Trends: Our Comprehensive Selection Guide

Prior Influences

This year, many people are looking to previous decades for inspiration. In particular, accents from the eighties, such as backsplashes and metal accents, are being tempered with the simplistic style of the 60s. If you’re looking to prior years for inspiration, feel free to be creative. You don’t need to adhere exactly to the style of a prior decade, but can make changes according to your tastes.

Remember that you’ll be using your kitchen for years to come, so choose a design you love – not just one that’s fashionable! In choosing your kitchen design, it can be helpful to think about how your kitchen design will integrate with the rest of your house.

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen this year? Please contact us to find out how we can help you design the kitchen of your dreams!